Welcome  to our sons new website, MikeandAmir.com.  To find out more about Mike or Amir, click on each of their pages.  Mike and Amir are two fun loving and adventurous boys.  Like many boys their age they want everything under the sun, from bikes to comic books and video games. We as parents want the boys to have the things they like but they also want them to learn the value of earning them.

As Mike and Amir have grown they have been exposed and taught to embrace the growing technologies that surround them. We have now transitioned their journal writing into blogging and their games and experiments into videos. We hope you enjoy watching their journey! With our guidance, the boys decided they wanted to find a way to use their new website to showcase their talents and ideas and earn their own money to afford the things that they like. To that end, they are constantly working on new ideas and thinking of projects to entertain their friends and family.
If you like what you see, please make a donation to the boys as a reward for their hard work and dedication.
Thank You.



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