We Met Skateboarder P-Rod at Rucker Park in NYC

Yesterday we went to Harlem so we could  see a skateboarding show. The skateboarders show had  more thane 5 skate borders. The skateboarders did lots of cool  tricks. There was a park there so we could play and have fun. We had a great time.

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Mentos + Coke

This summer we started working with the boys to film their own videos to raise money for their Xbox 360. Here is one of the experiments that they wanted to do. It involves a hard candy called mentos and the carbonated soda coke-a-cola. color scheme . After seeing the reaction that these two ingredients had in several episodes on Youtube, the boys decided to try their own experiment using Diet Coke. Amir describes the experiment… Continue reading “Mentos + Coke”

My dog Rhodey

My family & I have two boxers. There names are Kel-el and Rhodey.  My dog Rhodey looks like a brown dog  with a black mouth.  Rhodey chews on stuff like hose tops & pillows.  You do not want him at your house. I taught him how to fight so if some one wants to steel him he will protect me.

Journey to our Xbox 360

Amir and I took about several months to raise over one hundred dollars for our game system.  Once Amir and I got our xbox360 we played our it all day. The day after we bought our xbox360 we were very very happy we bought it because we could play games on it.  Our xbox360 is the greatest game system we have and I wish we could get another one so we can play xbox live.  We are enjoying our xbox360 very much because it will let us play games and let us watch movies.