Green Lantern 2011

One of the best movies I saw this year was Green lantern. The main character is Hal Jordan. I liked it because it showed how Hal got his ring and where the lantern came from! It also shows the bad missing guardian. One of my favorite green lanterns is killawog because he is funny.  I like the movie because Hal learns how to become a lantern.t In he next Green Lantern movie I would like to see Sinestro in action.

That’s all for today.

Halo Reach Rocks!

Halo Reach is before all halos. It has more and better weapons and the multiplayer holds 16 players!Kids would like this game just the way I do. I like this game because you get to create your own Spartan or Elite.On this game you can change your weapon on game options and go to Spartan settings then go to the loadouts . Now you can use any weapon except the target locator.

Halo3 ODST

Halo 3 ODST is a really cool game because you go on campaign and you are a rookie and you have lost your team in the atmosphere!  So as you keep playing you get in trouble and one of your recruits snipe that enemy.  But on two player mode that person is the second player! This game is only for xbox 360.

A Good Day at School

Today, Miss Crane had a substitute teach us.  So this morning everybody was worried that she wasn’t here.  But today was the best day of all of my school years.  I liked it because there were no centers.  I don’t know why but there was no math and no reading log and no mega math.  That’s usually all mu homework! Continue reading “A Good Day at School”

Amir: I Like Roller Coasters!

Yesterday Mike & my family went to 6 flags.  The first thing we did when we walked in  was going to a place  that has chairs  that spin around the whole room. Dad knows how that happened but Mike & I have know clue. Yesterday I had a guess I thought that it had wheels, but dad said it does not have wheels. The best ride is Rolling Thunder because it’s fast and old. I went on rolling thunder twice when the sun was out & when the sun was not out.