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What We Thought of the Captain America Movie

We went to see the Captain America movie in the theater opening weekend.  Here is what we thought of it.

Amir: I like the movie Captain America because he is one of my favorite marvel characters . One funny part in the movie is when Steve is doing jumping jacks and the General said (look at him he is making me cry! Another one of my favorite parts is when Schmidt takes his skin of and becomes RED SKULL. Well I hope you enjoyed the preview!

Mike: Yesterday we saw the movie Captain America. I went with my Mom/Dad and my brother. My favorite part was when the solders teem destroyed three of Red Skull’s bases. I like this movie because it is funny and it has a lot of action. If you have not seen this movie you should because it is an excellent and trust me you are going to love it a lot. I like Captain America because of his shield.