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Transformers Age of Extinction

We went to see the movie Transformers age of extinction a while ago and i wanted to update the movie reviews section of the website. The movie “Transformers age of extinction” is a transformers movie and it takes place on earth but with different characters. The main characters are Cade Yeager(Mark Wahlberg) and Tessa Yeager(Nicola Peltz) these were the replacements for sam from the previous transformers and his girlfriend. This unusual group of friends has to save the world from a transformer named lockdown that nobody knows. He wants to capture Optimus Prime and take him back to the creators of the transformers. He also has a collection of transformers commonly known as the “Dino Bots” in his custody. I would recommend this movie to people that have seen the previous transformers movies, and even if you haven’t seen them you should still see this movie because it doesn’t have many ties with the previous movies. This means you don’t have to watch the others to understand this one, and this movie is going to have one after it based off of this one. Hope this helped you decide whether yo watch the movie or not, tell your friends and family about the site, donate, and check out our YouTube channel. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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