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We Met Skateboarder P-Rod at Rucker Park in NYC

Yesterday we went to Harlem so we could  see a skateboarding show. The skateboarders show had  more thane 5 skate borders. The skateboarders did lots of cool  tricks. There was a park there so we could play and have fun. We had a great time.

This is Italian Ice.  Because it was free we had 3. The rainbow flavor was the best.

The lady is getting us rainbow scoops in this picture. There was no line the first time we went.  Later there was a lot of people and there was a line.

Paul was grinding on the rail and doing other tricks with other skateboarders.

Paul and his friend are getting ready to jump the rail or the stairs.

Everybody brought their skateboards to the show.  Some kids brought their scooters like this guy.

This skater is doing a flip trick and jumping over the stairs.

We met the guy that says stuff on our basketball video game.  His name is Bobbito Garcia. He was on the microphone during the skateboarding show.

We were wainting in line to meet the famous skateboarders and to get autographed pictures and a t-shirt.  This is another kid doing a flip trick in the street.

After we got his autograph, we took a picture with Paul Rodriguez, the famous skateboarder. It was cool meeting him.

After we went to the skateboarding show we went to the park.  The park was right next door.  There were a lot of kids running around and playing.

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I am soooooooooooo happy and proud of what you guys are doing. Keep it up!!! I can’t wait for you to teach me to do some of the things you all are doing and know 🙂

This awesome stuff guy’s!!! I wish I was there to see it as well. Thanks for the pictures and sharing your Journey with us all here on the web. Keep up the good work and I love the logo design!

When are the Mike & Amir T-Shirts coming out???

I will buy the first one… Gary

Guys I am so proud of you, you are little entrepreneurs I love skate boarding, I watch Rob and Big it is funny. It takes hard work and dedication and I know you guys will stay the course.

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