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Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Is Awesome!

I think that you should get HALO 1. I think that because my brother and I have played it and we think it is better than Halo Reach.

We have not finished the game yet, but our favorite part of the game is firefight so far. We like firefight so far because it comes with brand new missions if you pre-order it, and you get a skull that comes with Master Chief avatar armor!

Today we are going to try out Forge. I predict that Forge is going to be different than it was before because firefight is different than it was before. I also like that the assault rifle has 60 bullets in it so you don’t have reload when your getting shot in the leg. If you didn’t get this game yet you’re going to wish you did. We are so glad we got this game!

We hope you enjoy it also.