Answering a few questions about Barbados and Wifi

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Our Uncle Mo is  working in Barbados for the summer! Barbados is an island that is  SE from St Lucia and  is NE from Venezuela. An SSID is a service set identifier.Its basically the name of a WiFi network.  Its cool to have a network called Marcus Fenix because Marcus Fenix is a character in a video game called Gears of War! Its pretty cool that in Barbados the kids are playing my favorite game!

Hey guys!

I’m in Barbados for the summer.  I was trying to connect to a wireless internet network down here and came across a pretty cool one.  Guess what it was called?  “Marcus Fenix” network!  I thought that was dope!

If you guys put up a blog post that shows 1) where Barbados is, 2) what an “SSID” is, and 3) why it’s cool to have one called “Marcus Fenix” in Barbados, I’ll donate some $$$ to your “Gears of War: Judgement” fund.

Take care,
Uncle Mo

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Wow! Great job, boys! I like the graphics and how you made everything relate to your own experiences. It is pretty cool that kids in Barbados like Gears of War and Marcus Fenix, just like you two (and a lot of other American kids). You’ll find a lot of people who believe that countries other than America – and especially mostly Black countries like Barbados – don’t have all of the modern technology America has. That’s not true. Barbados is very modern, and has people who love things like Gears of War – just like you!

Check your account tomorrow for your reward!

Proud of you guys,
Uncle Mo

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