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HALO 4 IS HERE! Yeah buddy!

Finally Halo 4 here and its a heck of a lot better than Halo Reach,Halo3,Halo whatever but the point is that Halo 4 is now here. I’ve Pre- Ordered it at Game stop and got some cool stuff.Of course I got the very very very cool HAZOP Forest skin for my Spartan. Also i got a HAVEN ( Halo 4 map ) Theme. These downloads need space on your hard drive. server hosting info . So if you don’t have space might as well want to delete some Crap you have on it or the Memory unit. Just in case if you don’t know the hard dive cost 60 dollars and it can only be found at Game stop. Now with out any problems let me just tell you if you dont want me to spoil the story don’t read this part! cough* Cortana dies *cough Well as gamers my brother Bryndan and I have beat the game. Soo if you guys like Halo get Halo 4 its a surprise! Dont forget to send me a friend request on XBOX LIVE. My name is Amir8000. Also check out my FaceBook I need more Likes!