Halo Reach Rocks!

Halo Reach is before all halos. It has more and better weapons and the multiplayer holds 16 players!Kids would like this game just the way I do. I like this game because you get to create your own Spartan or Elite.On this game you can change your weapon on game options and go to Spartan […]

Halo3 ODST

Halo 3 ODST is a really cool game because you go on campaign and you are a rookie and you have lost your team in the atmosphere!  So as you keep playing you get in trouble and one of your recruits snipe that enemy.  But on two player mode that person is the second player! […]

My dog Rhodey

My family & I have two boxers. There names are Kel-el and Rhodey.  My dog Rhodey looks like a brown dog  with a black mouth.  Rhodey chews on stuff like hose tops & pillows.  You do not want him at your house. I taught him how to fight so if some one wants to steel […]

Im waiting for Halo Reach

I’m waiting for HALO Reach. My favorite character on HALO Reach is Master chief . My brother’s  favorite character is the Arbiter. My favorite 4 guns are the sniper rifle,the machine gun crystal and the battle rifle. HALO Reache’s  biggest place is the bone yard.