Whats Been Going On

Hey guys this is Amir to tell you whats been going on.Lately there has been a lot of work going on and more homework and “Parent Work” so that is MOST LIKELY why you haven’t been seeing my videos.Also im getting a little bit more study halls.So now im studying for Test and Quizes! That […]

Starwars Republic Cammando

as a  playThis is mike and i have  a video game called star wars rebublic cammando and in this game you play as a cammando.Some of the types of missions people ask you to do are kill missions,destroy missions,and capture missions. In the game you will be sent on a mission to kill the geanosion […]

I Attended the Whitney M. Young Scholarship Classic

I recently attended the Whitney M. Young Scholarship Football Classic at the Metlife Stadium. The game was between Howard University and Morgan State University, and the game raised money for scholarships for kids to go to college. I was able to go on the field to take pictures and video so that I could share […]