Whats Been Going On

Hey guys this is Amir to tell you whats been going on.Lately there has been a lot of work going on and more homework and “Parent Work” so that is MOST LIKELY why you haven’t been seeing my videos.Also im getting a little bit more study halls.So now im studying for Test and Quizes! That […]


If you have an  Xbox and you just bought it from Game stop and the clerk asks you “Do you want to try out Xbox live?”And you don’t know what the heck that is,well you can search no further.Xbox Live is a way to connect to the internet and play multiplayer with other players.Instead of […]

We Met Skateboarder P-Rod at Rucker Park in NYC

Yesterday we went to Harlem so we could  see a skateboarding show. The skateboarders show had  more thane 5 skate borders. The skateboarders did lots of cool  tricks. There was a park there so we could play and have fun. We had a great time.

Journey to our Xbox 360

Amir and I took about several months to raise over one hundred dollars for our game system.  Once Amir and I got our xbox360 we played our it all day. The day after we bought our xbox360 we were very very happy we bought it because we could play games on it.  Our xbox360 is […]