The Martian

Have you guys seen the movie the Martian yet? It’s a newer movie than Transformers Age of Extinction. The Martin was aired on October 2,2015. The movie stars Matt Damon playing Mark Watney as the main character. He was apart of a team that went to Mars in a rocket. Something happened to the team […]

Starwars Republic Cammando

as a  playThis is mike and i have  a video game called star wars rebublic cammando and in this game you play as a cammando.Some of the types of missions people ask you to do are kill missions,destroy missions,and capture missions. In the game you will be sent on a mission to kill the geanosion […]

Answering a few questions about Barbados and Wifi

write my term paper Our Uncle Mo is  working in Barbados for the summer! Barbados is an island that is  SE from St Lucia and  is NE from Venezuela. An SSID is a service set identifier.Its basically the name of a WiFi network.  Its cool to have a network called Marcus Fenix because Marcus Fenix […]