Can Kids Fire Guns Safely? Amir Visits the Gun Range for the First Time

Guess what I went to a gun range for the first time ever! My grandfather picked me up after school one day and we went to a pizza parlor with some of his friends . Wile I was eating I heard Mr.Soloman say we are going to a gun range. I found out that I […]

Interview with Actor Idris Elba. “What Video Games do You Like to Play?”

MikeandAmir: Recently you did a video game voice-over for “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3”, it’s a huge game and you played the character “Truck.” How was that experience?

I Attended the Whitney M. Young Scholarship Classic

I recently attended the Whitney M. Young Scholarship Football Classic at the Metlife Stadium. The game was between Howard University and Morgan State University, and the game raised money for scholarships for kids to go to college. I was able to go on the field to take pictures and video so that I could share […]

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Is Awesome!

I think that you should get HALO 1. I think that because my brother and I have played it and we think it is better than Halo Reach. We have not finished the game yet, but our favorite part of the game is firefight so far. We like firefight so far because it comes with […]