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Can Kids Fire Guns Safely? Amir Visits the Gun Range for the First Time

Guess what I went to a gun range for the first time ever! My grandfather picked me up after school one day and we went to a pizza parlor with some of his friends . Wile I was eating I heard Mr.Soloman say we are going to a gun range. I found out that I could go to the gun range when I emailed my grandfather the next day, but we had to wake up at 4:30 am.  I spent the night at my grandfathers house but I didn’t get much sleep so it was hard waking up The next day at 4:30am.

When I first went to the gun range it was quiet with very few people. We had to sign in and go through the rules. Then I got to shoot! I expected loud noises because I was shooting guns.  I expected loud noises because usually all guns are loud when they are shot .

The people at the gun range were my grandfather, Mr.Soloman and another shooter named Budd. After I met everybody we started shooting. When I shot the 22 caliber pistol I liked it until one of the shells hit my finger. When bullet shells touch you as soon as it comes out it will burn your skin.  Afterwards we went in the lobby to get something to drink. I had iced tea and my grandfather had Dr. Pepper.

I felt really good about my experience because my grandfather, my father, and I are the only ones who have shot guns in our family. This feels good because you are one of the people in you’re entire family who did something. In the future  I think I will be able to shoot more guns. I think this because I will be older and taller to shoot. I will also be stronger so I can gain more control from holding the gun.  I really enjoyed doing this activity!