My name is Amir. I like watching videos and eating macaroni and cheese. My favorite video games are Halo Reach, DC Universe vs Mortal Kombat on our new Xbox 360. My favorite movie is Halo Series because I like all of the Halo games except Halo 3 ODST that was hard and not fun.

Interest: playing video games like Brink, Halo Reach, Lost Planet I and II and Section 8, watching videos by Usher, and Justin Beiber, playing with animals like my dogs and and cooking with my parents.

Movies: Halo Series, The Dark Knight, BeetleJuice

Music: Justin Bieber, Usher, Beyonce, Sean Paul and Jay Shawn

Books: Joke books

Hobbies: I like cooking with my Mom and Nona and playing with my dogs and other animals. I like all animals. and i like catching fire flies at night. Oh, I also like have Nerf battles with my friends.

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